Ongoing Projects:

LeaderTitle & SponsorDuration FromDuration To
GireeshKumar, T.R.                                      Studies on the biogeochemistry of mud banks in southwest coast of India and its implications on climate change, Phase - I Continuous Biogeochemical Monitoring20/03/201919/03/2021
Damare, S.R.                                      Engineered Bioremediation Approaches for Onsite Remediation of PAH Contaminated Soil19/03/201918/03/2022
JayaKumar, S.                                      Implementation of Coastal Management Information System (CMIS) for Goa and south Maharashtra coast15/03/201914/03/2022
JayaKumar, S.                                      Studies during and after construction of Mumbai Coastal Road project (South) from Princess Street Flyover to Worli End of Bandra Worli Sea Link - I15/03/201931/03/2025
Sukumaran, S.                                      Studies during and after construction of Mumbai Coastal Road project (South) from Princess Street Flyover to Worli End of Bandra Worli Sea Link - II (Chemical and Biological Aspects)15/03/201931/03/2025
Sautya, S.                                      Marine Biodiversity Conservation Plan for Coastal Road (South) Project from Princess Street Flyover to Worli end of Sea Link in Mumbai14/03/201931/12/2021
Sriram, G.                                      Understanding the depositional environment and its control over active and relict seep fluid/gas migration, gas hydrate formation and Geohazards (Seafloor stability) in Krishna Godavari (KG) basin using modern geophysical techniques12/03/201911/03/2022
Saha, A.                                      Geochemical studies of volcanic rocks from Andaman arc-back arc system: Implications on geodynamic evolution of Andaman basin11/03/201910/03/2022
Anita Mary George                                      RA(DBT) 07/01/201906/01/2021
Jyothibabu, R.                                      Sea Water Quality Monitoring (SWQM/COMAPS) component of CSIR-NIO RC Kochi03/01/201931/03/2020
Anas, A.                                      Photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy (PACT) for controlling bacterial infections in shrimp larval rearing systems23/10/201822/10/2021
Samiksha, S.V.                                      Irregular wave transformation over the submerged sand bars and mudbanks: role of dissipation and nonlinear processes03/10/201802/10/2020
Manikandan, B.                                      Dynamics of coral-macroalgal communities in Gulf of Mannar reef: Environmental thresholds and repercussions on coral calcification25/09/201824/09/2021
Harshada Tilu Kankonkar                                      JRF-Department of Bio-Technology 13/08/201812/08/2020
Saha, M.                                      Environmental impact of microplastics: a major concern to seafood10/08/201809/08/2021
Manohar, C.S.                                      Evaluating the impact of oil pollution on mangrove habitats, and their associated biota to assess their adaptations and resilience capacity.19/07/201831/03/2021
Arvind Shukla                                      Inspire Fellowship to student - Mr.Arvind Shukla 22/05/201821/05/2020
Sai Elangovan S.                                      Microzooplankton functional response to the climate change warming in the eastern Arabian Sea using experimental approach02/04/201801/04/2020
SanilKumar, V.                                      Real time wave data collection from selected coastal Indian locations01/04/201831/03/2020
Ram, A.                                      Monitoring of Tadgam, Ththal, Jampore and Devka Beaches in Balsad District of Gujarat and Union Territory of Daman (Part III)30/03/201829/03/2020
                                     INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP 26/03/201825/03/2020
                                     INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP 26/03/201825/03/2020
Sarma, V.V.S.S.                                      Influence of anti cyclonic eddies on oxygen minimum zone in the Bay of Bengal26/03/201831/03/2020
Vijaykumar, K.                                      Ship-based measurement of high-resolution surface turbulent air-sea fluxes of heat, moisture, and momentum from the Indian Ocean/Arabian Sea26/03/201831/03/2020
Kumar, Ashwini                                      Atmospheric aerosol chemistry over marine region and its impact on biogeochemistry of North Indian Ocean23/03/201822/03/2021
Madhu, N.V.                                      Dynamics of phytoplankton functional groups and primary productivity patterns of estuaries in the southwest coast of India20/03/201819/03/2021
Anas, A.                                      KSCSTE Fellowship - Jithin V16/03/201815/03/2020
Madhu, N.V.                                      Ecology of phytoplankton in the Alappuzha Mud banks09/03/201808/03/2020
Deepulal P. M                                      Environmental behaviour of selected xenobiotics in Vembanad Lake and adjacent Coastal Region09/03/201808/03/2020
Ram, A.                                      Monitoring of Tadgam, Tithal, Jampore and Devka Beaches in Balsad District of Gujarat and Union Territory of Daman (Part II)23/02/201831/12/2019
Ram, A.                                      Monitoring of Tadgam, Tithal, Jampore and Devka Beaches in Balsad District of Gujarat and Union Territory of Daman (Part I)22/02/201831/12/2019
Suneel, V.                                      Variability of upper layer Temperature/salinity fields in the Indian Seas21/02/201831/03/2020
Shankar, D.                                      Current Observations and Simulations in the Indian EEZ (COSINE)21/02/201831/03/2020
Amol, P.                                      Equatorial Current Observations for Indian Ocean Dynamics (ECO-IOD)21/02/201831/03/2020
JayaKumar, S.                                      Coastal processes, sediment budget and sediment transport dynamics along south Maharashtra and Goa coastal region15/02/201831/03/2020
Krishna, M.S.                                      Sea Water Quality Monitoring and the impact of water quality on biogeochemical processes in the coastal waters of West Bengal, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states, east coast of India09/02/201831/03/2020
Amol, P.                                      Shelf circulation along the coast of India: Observations and modelling02/02/201831/01/2020
Mitbavkar, S.                                      Development of Bio-Optical Algorithms for the Coastal Waters and Validation of Products from the Ocean Color Satellite Sensors.01/02/201831/01/2020
Ray, D.                                      Seawater Quality monitoring around the Mandovi-Zuari estuarine complex of Goa23/01/201831/03/2020
Sukumaran, S.                                      Seawater quality monitoring along the Mumbai coast23/01/201831/03/2020
Ravindran, C.                                      Structure of microbial communities of the reef building coral Porites lutea, pathogenesis and differential coral immune gene expression in the context of changing environmental quality19/01/201817/01/2021
                                     INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP01/01/201831/12/2019
Anas, A.                                      REhabilitation of Vibrio Infested waters of VembanAd Lake: pollution and solution (REVIVAL)01/01/201831/12/2020
Saran, A.K.                                      Understanding shallow water seafloor characteristics off Goa-Grande Island
employing active and passive acoustic techniques
Suresh, I.                                      Modeling the surface layer temperature inversions in the northern Indian Ocean01/11/201731/10/2019
Mazumdar, A.                                      Microbial association with Gas hydrates bearing sediments15/10/201715/10/2022
Revichandran, C.                                      Implementation of a 3-D numerical model for the Cochin Estuary to simulate the acoustic environment and transport Processes13/10/201713/11/2020
Sundaresh                                      Geo-archaeological investigations to assess the existence and reconstruction of an ancient port at Gopakapattanam, Goa: scientific and cultural aspects20/09/201719/09/2019
Parvathi, A.                                      Response of bioluminescent organisms to mechanical stimuli for potential naval applications 12/09/201711/09/2020
                                     INSPIRE Faculty(DST) 04/09/201703/09/2022
Vijaykumar, K.                                      Monitoring Changes In Bathymetry Of Coastal And Estuarine Waters 04/09/201703/09/2019
Anya Chaudhuri                                      An Exploration of the connections between the large scale variability and mesoscale features in the West India Coastal Current.01/09/201731/08/2019
                                     Inspire Fellowship to the research student 11/08/201710/08/2019
JayaKumar, S.                                      Development of an Automated Rip Current Prediction System using numerical modelling and Field Observations05/07/201731/03/2020
ManiMurali, R.                                      Coastal morphological analysis and Suspended Sediment Concentration (SSC) estimation at Godavari River mouth region on the East coast of India01/07/201731/03/2020
Suneel, V.                                      OIL TRACK: Tracking of Oil Spill01/07/201731/03/2020
                                     Inspire Fellowship to the research student 12/06/201711/06/2019
Khandeparker, R.                                      Impact of tar balls on marine biota along the coast of Goa23/05/201723/05/2020
Saswati Majumder                                      Molecular characterization of antibiotic resistance and heavy metal tolerance of potentially human pathogenic microorganisms in marine environment01/05/201730/04/2019
Surya Nandan Meena                                      Isolation & identification of cosmeceutical compounds from marine algae25/04/201724/04/2019
Saraswat, R.                                      Assessing the response of marginal marine benthic foraminifera to various ecological conditions01/04/201730/03/2020
Jasmin C                                      Studies on microbial response to heavy metal pollution in Cochin estuary03/03/201703/03/2020
Naik, S.S.                                      Deep-water carbonate chemistry of the northern Indian Ocean21/02/201720/02/2020
Fernandes, L.L.                                      Study of Estuarine Turbidity Maxima in rivers with natural and altered environmental conditions, central west coast of India27/12/201626/12/2019
Shetye, S.S.                                      Effects of Ocean acidification on Sea urchins27/12/201626/12/2019
Badesab, F.K.                                      Developing magnetic minerals as markers of evolution of natural-gas hydrate
systems in Bay of Bengal
Gourav Nayak                                      DST-INSPIRE Fellowship [DST/INSPIRE/03/2015/000292]15/12/201614/12/2021
Sujata Kurtarkar Raikar                                      Laboratory culturing and field studies to understand the effect of dissolved oxygen on benthic foraminifera, and its paleoclimatic implications13/10/201612/10/2019
Vishal Gupta                                      INSPIRE Faculty [DST]31/03/201602/11/2019
Sruthy H                                     INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP 18/01/201617/01/2021
Brahmanand N. Sawant                                      INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP (IF 150685)13/01/201612/01/2021
Priya Lokhande                                      INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP(IF 150726)13/01/201612/01/2021
Naqvi, S.W.A.                                      Financial assistance for the award of J. C. Bose National Fellowship to Dr. S.W.A. Naqvi09/06/201508/06/2020
Maripi Dileep Kumar                                      Financial assistance for the award of JC Bose National Fellowship to Dr.M.Dileep Kumar09/06/201508/06/2020
                                     INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP under "Assured opportunity for research career (AORC)- a component of INSPIRE program for student admitted for pursuing PhD program19/05/201518/05/2020
Naik, S.S.                                      Biogeochemical Processes and Paleoceanographic Studies of the Eastern Indian Ocean 01/05/201530/04/2020
Ravindran, C.                                      INSPIRE Fellowship10/04/201530/09/2020
Mahale, V.P.                                      GEO SCIENTIFIC STUDIES OF THE EXCLUSIVE ECONOMIC ZONE25/03/201531/08/2020
Rao, P.S.                                      OCEAN ENVIRONMENT PANEL (OEP) OF NAVAL RESEARCH BOARD (NRB)01/01/201531/12/2019
Ingole, B.S.                                      Inspire Fellowship to the research student 01/12/201430/11/2019
Parvathi, A.                                      Inspire Fellowship to the research student 01/12/201430/11/2019
Anas, A.                                      Phage biodiversity and single cell separation of uncultured microorganisms from OMZ marine environment29/10/201428/10/2019
                                     Inspire Faculty Award22/08/201421/08/2019
Ingole, B.S.                                      INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP11/08/201410/08/2019
Kumar, Ashwini                                      Geochemical and Isotopic characterization of atmospheric mineral dust over the tropical Indian region01/08/201431/07/2019
                                     Inspire Fellowship to the research student IF 14040511/07/201410/07/2019
Nanajkar, M.                                      Inventory and Bio-prospecting of Marine Invertebrates of the Maharashtra Coast with Special Emphasis on Sponges and Associated Microorganisms04/03/201431/12/2019
Mazumdar, A.                                      Studies on Gas Hydrate Exploration and Technology Development for its exploitation12/01/200931/03/2020
Khadge, N.H.                                      Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study under Ploymetallic Nodules (PMN) Programme.04/07/200831/03/2020
Saha, A.                                      Survey and Exploration under Polymetallic Nodules14/05/200831/03/2020
Ramadoss, D.                                      Biotechnology Information System.01/04/8731/03/2020