Ongoing Projects:

LeaderTitle & SponsorDuration FromDuration To
JawaharKumar, Ch.                                      Demarcation of HTL, LTL and CRZ setback lines for the Proposed Development of VUDA Plot in S.No. 350 part 1/C, 6/C at Kapuluppada village, Bheemunipatnam Mandal, Visakhapatnam District. A.P16/04/201713/05/2018
Peketi, A.                                      Sediment provenance and paleo weathering studies of Mahanadi basin10/04/201709/04/2019
Saraswat, R.                                      Assessing the response of marginal marine benthic foraminifera to various ecological conditions01/04/201730/03/2020
Saraswat, R.                                      Quantifying Late Pleistocene-Holocene seawater temperature and runoff changes from the northeastern Arabian Sea to understand ocean-climate linkage29/03/201731/03/2019
Naik, S.S.                                      Evolution of pCO2 and Indian monsoon from the Miocene to Pleistocene27/03/201726/03/2019
Naik, S.S.                                      Deep-water carbonate chemistry of the northern Indian Ocean21/02/201720/02/2020
Raja Rout                                      Control of Surface vehicles in surf zone for shallow water bathymetry mapping06/02/201706/02/2019
Tabish Raza                                      Late Quaternary paleoceanographic changes in the northern Indian Ocean using isotopic and trace elemental proxies from marine sediment cores04/01/201703/01/2019
Fernandes, L.L.                                      Study of Estuarine Turbidity Maxima in rivers with natural and altered environmental conditions, central west coast of India27/12/201626/12/2019
Shetye, S.S.                                      Effects of Ocean acidification on Sea urchins27/12/201626/12/2019
Badesab, F.K.                                      Developing magnetic minerals as markers of evolution of natural-gas hydrate
systems in Bay of Bengal
Dhiraj Dhondiram Narale                                      Ecological understanding of dinoflagellate cyst functions and its implications for climate change study07/12/201606/12/2018
Sultan Al Nahin                                      NAM S&T Centre Research Training Fellowship for Developing Country Scientists (RTF-DCS) – Award of Fellowship for 2016-17 24/11/201630/04/2017
Sukumaran, S.                                      Marine environmental monitoring studies around sunken ship MV RAK located off Mumbai, Maharashtra14/11/201613/11/2017
Sujata Kurtarkar Raikar                                      Laboratory culturing and field studies to understand the effect of dissolved oxygen on benthic foraminifera, and its paleoclimatic implications13/10/201612/10/2019
Vinod Kumar N                                      Study of Abilities of CO2 Sequestering Bacteria in Reducing Carbon Foot Printing for Potential Industrial Applications05/09/201604/09/2018
Gourav Nayak                                      DST-INSPIRE Fellowship [DST/INSPIRE/03/2015/000292]12/08/201611/08/2018
Pulavarthi Nagendra                                      INSPIRE Fellowship08/08/201607/08/2018
Jagadish Dutta                                      INSPIRE Fellowship-DST/INSPIRE/03/2015/00093508/08/201607/08/2018
Dusmant Maharana                                      Identification and ecotoxicological impact of persistent organic pollutants adsorbed on microplastics from the coastal Arabian Sea28/07/201627/07/2018
T. Ramakrushna Reddy                                      Automatic Analysis of Shear Wave Splitting for Anisotropic Estimations of Andaman Subduction Using OBS Data01/06/201631/05/2018
Vishal Gupta                                      INSPIRE Faculty [DST]31/03/201602/11/2019
Vidya P. J.                                      Influence of mesoscale eddies on the organic carbon export in the Bay of Bengal using numerical modeling01/04/201631/03/2019
Heena Khana                                      INSPIRE Fellowship11/03/201610/03/2018
Sruthy H                                     INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP 18/01/201617/01/2021
Brahmanand N. Sawant                                      INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP (IF 150685)13/01/201612/01/2021
Priya Lokhande                                      INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP(IF 150726)13/01/201612/01/2021
Niyati P. Hede                                     Jawaharlal Nehru Scholarship for Doctoral studies01/01/201601/01/2018
RameshKumar, M.R.                                      Tropospheric and lower stratospheric processes over the northern Arabian Sea and their influence of the variability of Indian Summer Monsoon 18/12/201531/03/2018
                                     JRF- Dep. of Biotechnology16/11/201515/11/2017
Shital Godad                                      Reconstruction of Indonesia Through flow over the last 20 kyr04/11/201503/11/2018
T.R. Gireeshkumar                                      Molecular biomarker signatures of mudbank regime, off Alleppey, southwest coast of India14/10/201513/10/2018
Vethamony, P.                                      A long-term statistical features of wind and wave fields in the Indian Ocean07/08/201506/08/2017
Gayatri Sanjay Shirodkar                                      Ocean acidification in coastal waters of India 01/07/201530/06/2018
Naqvi, S.W.A.                                      Financial assistance for the award of J. C. Bose National Fellowship to Dr. S.W.A. Naqvi09/06/201508/06/2020
Maripi Dileep Kumar                                      Financial assistance for the award of JC Bose National Fellowship to Dr.M.Dileep Kumar09/06/201508/06/2020
                                     INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP under "Assured opportunity for research career (AORC)- a component of INSPIRE program for student admitted for pursuing PhD program19/05/201518/05/2017
Suresh Yenne                                     INSPIRE Fellowship14/05/201513/05/2017
Naidu, P.D.                                      Biogeochemical Processes and Paleoceanographic Studies of the Eastern Indian Ocean 01/05/201530/04/2020
Jyoti P. Kerkar                                      Inter annual and decadal variability of surface waves in the North Indian Ocean01/05/201530/04/2018
Ravindran, C.                                      INSPIRE Fellowship10/04/201530/09/2020
Suneel Vasimalla                                      Evolution of tar ball formation processes and transport to the coast through multidisciplinary techniques01/04/201531/03/2018
Veerasingam S.                                      Modelling the migration of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) through sediments along the Goa coast: Application to water quality management01/04/201531/03/2018
Chakraborty, B.                                      GEO SCIENTIFIC STUDIES OF THE EXCLUSIVE ECONOMIC ZONE25/03/201530/09/2017
Chakraborty, B.                                      Development of a passive acoustic technique to analyze fish sound data recorded at laboratory and shallow water sites.02/03/201531/12/2017
Rao, P.S.                                      OCEAN ENVIRONMENT PANEL (OEP) OF NAVAL RESEARCH BOARD (NRB)01/01/201531/12/2019
Ingole, B.S.                                      Inspire Fellowship to the research student 01/12/201430/11/2019
Parvathi, A.                                      Inspire Fellowship to the research student 01/12/201430/11/2019
Anas, A.                                      Phage biodiversity and single cell separation of uncultured microorganisms from OMZ marine environment29/10/201428/10/2019
Seena G.                                      Role of freshwater and estuarine transport in the frontal formation and mixing dynamics over the continental shelf off southwest coast of India20/10/201419/10/2017
                                     Inspire Faculty Award22/08/201421/08/2019
Rejish Kumar V.J                                      Metagenomic and metatranscriptomic analyses of microbial communities involved in nitrogen biogeochemical cycling in the oxygen minimum zone of the Arabian Sea21/08/201420/08/2017
Ingole, B.S.                                      INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP11/08/201410/08/2019
                                     Inspire Fellowship to the research student IF 14040511/07/201410/07/2019
Maneesha, K.                                      Study on the cyclones over the Indo-Pacific region in the Global Warming Scenario.02/07/201402/07/2017
Sundar, D.                                      Tidal currents on the continental shelf and slope off Indian Ocean10/04/201430/09/2017
Shenoy, D.M.                                      Characterising the changing Indian Ocean’s biogeochemistry and ecology using revolutionary new robotic tools01/04/201430/06/2017
Ingole, B.S.                                      Inventory and Bio-prospecting of Marine Invertebrates of the Maharashtra Coast with Special Emphasis on Sponges and Associated Microorganisms04/03/201431/03/2019
Vethamony, P.                                      Setting-up of a finger-printing laboratory for oil spills02/12/201301/12/2018
Suresh, T.                                      Bio-Optical Algorithms Of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) In Coastal Waters11/10/201311/10/2018
Suresh, T.                                      Bio-Optical Characterization Of Optically Complex Waters11/10/201311/10/2018
Krishna, K.S.                                      Integrated geophysical studies of Bay of Bengal lithosphere with special reference to a seismic ridges including the 85°E Ridge 01/10/201331/03/2018
Chauhan, O.S.                                      Modelling Coastal Sediment Transport and its Impact on Coastal Environment01/10/201331/03/2018
Chaubey, A.K.                                      Crustal architecture and igneous intrusions along the continental Laxmi Ridge and its southeastward continuation towards the Laccadive Ridge25/09/201331/03/2018
Suresh, I.                                      Dynamics of Intraseasonal Variability in the North Indian Ocean Waveguide01/08/201331/07/2017
SanilKumar, V.                                      Real Time Wave data collection at six locations in the Indian water for coastal ocean forecast01/04/201330/09/2017
Suresh, T.                                      Remote Sensing of Phytoplankton Functional type01/04/201330/09/2017
Mehra, P.                                      Establishment of a network of near-real time reporting surface meteorological stations at select coastal and Island locations of India01/04/201330/09/2017
Banakar, V.K.                                      INSPIRE fellowship IF 20826 2012/75825/03/201324/03/2018
Jyothibabu, R.                                      INSPIRE Fellowship to the Research student25/03/201324/03/2018
Parameswaran, P.S.                                      Green syntheses of silver and gold nanoparticles and development of application in nuclear targeted photo-thermal therapy of cancer 09/10/201209/10/2017
Ram, A.                                      Seawater Quality monitoring - Collection of data on pollution related parameters at Vadinar Veraval, Hazira (incl estuary), Thane (incl creek), Worli outfall, Ratnagiri and Malvan01/10/201230/09/2017
Ray, D.                                      Seawater Quality monitoring -- Collection of data on pollution related parameters at Mandovi & Zuari01/10/201230/09/2017
Anas, A.                                      Seawater Quality monitoring --Microbial Reference Facility01/10/201230/09/2017
SanilKumar, V.                                      Coastal processes and sediment transport - Nearshore and beach profile measurements at three selected locations along South Maharashtra coast01/09/201230/09/2017
Krishna, K.S.                                      Financial assistance for the Award of JC Bose National Fellowship 20/07/201219/07/2017
Parameswaran, P.S.                                      Inspire Fellowship to the research student [IFA -CH-12]15/05/201214/05/2017
Shankar, D.                                      Current Observations and Simulations in the Indian EEZ (COSINE)01/04/201230/09/2017
Murty, V.S.N.                                      Equatorial Mooring Array for Current Observations and research on Indian Ocean Dynamics (EMAC-IOD)01/04/201230/09/2017
Babu, M.T.                                      Observed trends in the near-surface layer temperature / salinity fields in the Indian Seas01/04/201230/09/2017
Aparna, S.G.                                      Acquiring data on ocean surface current velocities, salinity and meteorological parameters using satellite tracked Drifting Buoys in the Indian Ocean01/04/201230/09/2017
Saraswat, R.                                      High resolution paleoclimatic studies from the Bay of Bengal30/03/201231/03/2018
Sarma, V.V.S.S.                                      Estimation of Biological pump in the Bay of Bengal using Stable isotopes of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen01/11/201131/03/2018
Anil, A.C.                                      Ballast Water Management Programme - India (BAMPI)10/11/201009/11/2017
Naik, H.                                      Dynamics of selected biogenic elements in the Indian estuaries - A case study of the Mandovi-Zuari estuarine system01/08/201031/03/2018
Shenoy, D.M.                                      Long-term monitoring of oceanographic, biogeochemical and ecological processes in the North Indian Ocean through establishment of open-ocean time series stations in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal01/08/201031/03/2018
Mazumdar, A.                                      Studies on Gas Hydrate Exploration and Technology Development for its exploitation12/01/200930/09/2017
RamPrasad, T.                                      Geological, geophysical, geochemical and microbiological studies for gas hydrates exploration in Indian offshore.25/07/200824/07/2018
Sharma, R.                                      Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study under Ploymetallic Nodules (PMN) Programme.04/07/200830/09/2017
Chakraborty, B.                                      Survey and Exploration under Polymetallic Nodules14/05/200830/09/2017